Lively Libraries

In collaboration with Arts Alive and Shropshire Library Service I ran ‘Story Nest’ Workshops in different Shropshire Libraries. A trail of books were hidden around the library for the children to find. The books were opened to discover secret materials. The participants were able to create a bird and nest from a whole array of found things, lost words and natural materials. Inspired by strangely real and mythical birds; every bird told a unique story.

“Word bird—can turn bad words into good ones. I enjoyed it when we made our nests.”

“The whistling wild bird: He whistles and enemies become friends. I enjoyed creating a new life into this world.”

“My bird sings this song  ‘tweet tweet I am a story thief, I am a naughty bird. I once stole a necklace from a magpies nest. In my nest I have some diamonds. My name is the story thief tweet tweet tweet’ “


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