Sticks and Stuff: Story Walk

A Story Walk, Family Art Adventure. From Snailbeach Village Hall leading through the old mine works along ancient pathways and winding up old oak woodlands to a beautiful open panorama of the Shropshire hills. Along the way we found, foraged, explored, discovered an array of treasures, portals and stories. We even met the ‘Bird Man’ who told us riddles. Way markers of yellow ribbon guided and marked our way. At the top we explored  stories and deposited our found treasures and stories into the Story Telling Museum.

I have to say that this was one of the best arts/outdoor events I have ever attended, and I have been to many! It was of course enhanced by the beautiful weather and Shropshire landscape, and enjoying seeing the children’s delight.

It seemed particularly suitable for the ages of our kids, 8 and 9. We were able to stand back and watch them learn and discover and interact and engage, but could also equally share and enthuse with them and all that was on offer. So it was a lovely way of engaging and sharing with children and adults. We thought it would be a fantastic project to invite schools to participate in.

I think this day will stay in our memories for years to come as one of those magical days of childhood…

Thank you to Kate, Jon and Sal…it was fantastic!!!

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