Clay Play and Pit Firing

Over a period of several family ‘Clay Play’ workshop sessions we created simple experimental clay creations. Sticks & Stuff in collaboration with Ruth Gibson a ceramic artist we made finger bowls, clay creatures and beautiful 2d shapes with impressions from nature. The participants also got to experiment with clay paints and wove a bird house from hedge row items such as honey suckle and ivy. We had lots of fun covering the woven structures in a cob ( clay, hay and paper mix).

The clay creations were biscuit fired. We experimented with the firing process by wrapping up the individual biscuit fired pieces with lots of interesting things such as banana peel, wire wool, and tea bags! We dug a pit at ‘Gleanings’ Rural Study Centre in Gravels Bank and placed our creations at the bottom of the pit. We then carefully built and lit bonfire on top of it. Once the fired had died down and returning the following day to rake through the cooled ashes we carefully dug up all the creations.

The creations made a temporary display the Shropshire Wildlife Trust , Hope Valley Nature Reserve. A trail led you through the bluebell woods.

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